Monday, November 17, 2014

10 items=Tom the Turkey on a Leash

In the photo below are the 10 items I found in my bag. My initial reaction…"Say what!"

Once again my initial idea for construction was a house. I suppose creatively I find comfort in that structure. This idea, however did not pan out. After one or two more attempts at an object I could not identify I got the idea to create a peacock. The "Magic Spiral" and the protractor seemed to lend themselves to the concept. Here was my first try at a peacock. I will say that my first attempt was trying to keep all of the items whole. I found out very quickly that manipulation of items into specific shapes tends to work better.
I was not achieving the product that I wanted aesthetically, so I created the shapes and details that would be a more accurate representation. In the process I decided that a turkey was even better than a peacock. I could create bigger feathers, turn the "Magic Spiral" around and even create a GA tech t-shirt. My final project was what I call Tom the Turkey on a leash. Here he is…
Happy Thanksgiving!

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