Thursday, November 6, 2014

“Items in a Bag”

The items I receive we're: pink straw, blue plastic spoon, tiny sticky notes, a book named :How I created my perfect prom date.And a poster of a Good VS Evil, bookmark, QR code. Stock paper.
From all the items I got I made an advertising for a bug scavenger hunt between two bugs: Og and Od. The hunt takes place in Levy's castle.
The players have to choose between a spoon or a straw to help them advance in the race.
Big eyes is the watcher and the judge of this hunt.

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  1. I am absolutely convinced that your having participated in the Storytelling PDU last year influenced this month's project. This is a display of ingenuity and individuality that shows us you are comfortable with following the path that your ideas take you. Kol haKavod! You might consider turning this into a story!


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