Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Q-Tip in Hebrew Class
when I read  assignment #2 I started to make Hebrew letters and words, I use those kind of activities a lot with my Mechina and Kindergarten classes, we use pipe cleaners, "wikki stix", playdo, Popsicle sticks etc... but until yesterday I didn't try the Q tips, and today I decided to add one more station in my class and have the students create something with 10 Q-tips , it was very fun and I saw a lots of great ideas for example- house, birthday clown, zigzag, kite, Hebrew names / letters, tower and many more, attached is a few fun examples-

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Q-Tip Project

I thought of a creative way to teach my students about the Star of David. Each student was given ten Q-tips and used them to make the Israeli flag (magen david and stripes). Attached below is a picture of the flag that I made:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Q-Tip Cellphone Holder

I decided to take a practical approach and wanted to build something that I might actually want to use (and enjoy).  Therefore, I built a cellphone holder to rest on top of my desk at work.  I've had it in use all of 50 minutes now and it works like a champ.  Here's my phone resting on my new cellphone holder:

I was reminded of the marshmallow challenge, which probably inspired my creation.  I wanted to create something that was 3-D, as opposed to flat.  Using scotch tape, which holds Q-tips surprising well, I anchored the Q-tips to card stock and voila, I had a sturdy cellphone holder.  I could have gotten away with not using all ten but because the task required all ten, I chose to add extra reinforcement along the back and a cushion for the bottom of the cellphone to rest on.  The funny thing is that I will definitely keep and continue to use my cellphone holder.  It may not be the prettiest design but it works extremely well.  I'm very pleased with my creation.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cotton swabs and storytelling...

If you have not yet contributed to our collaborative poem, please do.

Grow! For the sun caresses your sweet limbs and dew drops glisten atop your leaves.
Look! There are miracles all around you that you've never noticed before.
Prove! That you are willing to see the value in all that surrounds you.
Remain! Remain strong and move forward despite any obstacles.
Sound! it is beginning to sound like fun.
Stay! You make this world a better place.
Feel! Because every day brings new experience into your live.

Hopefully you received Rebecca's email. Here is the link to the Folded Story: http://foldthatstory.com/
Click on Join Group, and then type in 971297

When you have a few minutes (stop laughing) this is a TED talk about a creative artist. How he uses materials is unbelievable. It is a little spark to get you thinking about the cotton swabs.