Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ten Items

I had an interesting bunch to work with so I decided to make a scene from a play.  I did not have this idea until I started tinkering with my items.  I added a few extra images to make the scene complete.  The scene depicts a farmer in front of his farmhouse, which sits under a starry night as the sun is going down, the moon is out, and a rocket blasts off into outerspace.  An old boat is docked in front of his property.  I think the scene represents the juxtaposition between modern inventions and the timelessness of nature.  Here is my work in progress:

Finished project: The Stage

The Back of the Stage (Prop Room)

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  1. Being surrounded by stories definitely has influenced your product. It makes me think of so many picture books about farmers, farm animals and nursery rhymes. I am so impressed with the idea of using the "banana split dish" as a boat! I'm also in love with the idea of the Prop Room. You are very clever!


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