Monday, November 17, 2014

Why so Blue?

When I began this assignment I imagined that I would be super successful and collect lots of data. This confidence came mainly from the fact that I consider myself someone that has an eye for detail.  As the day progressed I would find that despite my eye for detail my attention to the task at hand would experience some difficulties. The following is a list of what I noted for blue starting from leaving my home in the morning to leaving school and arriving home in the afternoon.

Blue Cars,
Blue Highway sign
blue flashing lights on the Marta track
Blue couches in the Media Center
Blue book covers
Blue sweatshirts and jackets
Blue Davis sticker on my car
Blue cars

As my day progressed and my tasks increased it became harder and harder to remember to even look for the color. I guess it falls in line with what we read and often talk about, and that is that the brain has to discriminate when operating in the world. Without that discrimination the human mind will be bombarded with so much stimuli it would be impossible to function. Despite my want and need to look for the color blue when a higher level item became a priority for my brain I simply forgot I was even looking for it. I enjoyed doing this assignment, but more than anything I loved evaluating the results. Despite being in contact with probably hundreds of blue items, the items listed above were the only ones that made it into my consciousness.

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