Friday, October 31, 2014


The color that I picked was Purple-
I started to notice Purple:
Morning- my older daughter Tahel wear a purple necklace and my middle daughter Hodaya wear a purple bracelet.
Day- water bottle, pencil, note pad, markers and crayons, pencil sharpener, eareser, name tag,
Mrs. Richin shirt, i phone case, glasses case,solar flower, ring,classroom curtain, book cover, students binders, color box...
Afternoon- my neighbor jacket, her daughter hairband, mail flyer, stickers...
Evening- Roswell shopping center next to publix parking lot I saw Gorgeous Purple sport car,
I put it on my list for my 40th years birthday gift in the next few years...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Feeling Blue

I chose the color blue because it is my favorite color.  I find it soothing and striking all at once.  Here is where I noticed it:
media center tablecloths
Lisa's shirt
Sylvie Bella's eyes
Sylvie Bella's skirt
Media Center walls
App icons
Magazine covers
Jeff's car
Dr. Seuss pillows
American Flag
Israeli Flag
The infographic hanging over my computer
Twitter bird
Sphero Balls
Storage baskets
The group of neighborhood boys' shirts as they are playing in the yard
And, book covers:

I noticed that at the beginning of the day, I was hyperfocused on smaller objects and toward the end of the day, I was noticing more abstract objects, such as the sky.  Perhaps, due to exhaustion at the end of a long day:)

Monday, October 27, 2014


I notice the color in :

Eye shadow
iPhone case 
Jogging outfits 
Nice women shirt
Baby blanket 
Glass butterfly 
Young girl hear color 

what is my color?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Color Pink

The color that I chose was pink.
When I woke up I brushed my teeth with my pink toothbrush. I ate cereal with strawberries in it which turned the milk pink. I went to my hair salon and on my way I saw pink horses outside of P.F. Chang's. At the hair salon there were many products with pink labels on them. On my way  home I drove past some pink flowers. Finely, as I came home I was greeted with pink roses in my front yard that had just been planted. That evening, my husband and I went shopping at the mall, where I saw many pink items for sale.
Looking for the color pink made me realize how easy it is to overlook the beauty of our everyday lives.  There is beauty all around us, we simply have to know where to look.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Evelyn 10 Q-tips

If we talk about collaboration, teamwork, or sharing, SALUD is a Spanish word that encompasses all of that, in my opinion. SALUD! we say when we celebrate something important, but we are also collaborating, working and sharing like a team, when someone lacks SALUD (health). Nice or bad moments are always better when we stay together!

Cleaning the filter...

It was so much fun for us to read the collaborative story and see the many different uses for the cotton swabs. That's exactly what's supposed to happen! We have two assignments for this next month. As always, don't hesitate to ask Missy or Rebecca if you have questions, and always feel free to comment on one another's posts.

Just as your air conditioner must have a clean filter for the air to circulate, you must learn to "clean" or remove the filters in your brain to see the details of what surrounds you. Once you see these details, you will begin to make more connections between them.

1) Choose a color. For an entire day, make note of every place you see that color. You will need to keep a method of recording this information with you the entire day. It might be an index card, a small notebook, your phone, or your iPad. The important thing about this exercise is to record EVERY instance you see the color. Size does not matter. Please don't try to write it all down later as you will not remember everything.

Please post a list of all the places you noticed this color. Then, comment on how this exercise changed for you from the beginning (morning) to the end (bedtime).

2) Please choose ten small items that you do NOT NEED BACK in a plastic bag with your name on it by Monday. Deliver your bag to either Rebecca or Missy. We'll tell you what happens next once we have the bags. Yes, you get to choose what to put in the bag. Nothing perishable, please.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Folded Story

Here is the compilation of the collaborative story. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you all for adding your part. Enjoy!

The breeze was gentle as I swayed in the hammock. I closed my eyes
to escape, just for a moment, from the housework awaiting me.
Suddenly, the hammock shook violently; a hole opened up in the earth
nearby. Screaming like a banshee, I fell in, tumbling into nothingness for
what seemed an eternity! There I saw a very huge bright light that
covers all the cosmos and I start to imagine ......... What if I go into the
hole? I ventured in and found myself miraculously in the year...
2099. It was almost unrecognizable. I couldn't believe it. There was
no more... traffic. OMG! There were no more cars. There were no
more roads. I wondered how ... I would ever get back home. Would I
even see another human being? So much for being an optimist.

Right now all I could think about was the thought of never seeing my
family again. What was the last thing I had said to them? That they
are the most important part in my whole life and even when we are
far away from each other they are always in my heart and in my
thoughts and I love them to the moon and back... I thought the best
moments of my life were with them, but today, I don't know, I cannot
think, I cannot feel...I am so confused and have to make a decision.

"Have no fear, everything will be okay," she said to me. How can she
be so sure. I am feeling more emotions at one time than I ever knew
I could. They feel as though they may come out of every pore.
Perhaps twas the emotion that drew me back to my own time - the
tug of my children's heartstrings. I turned to go; my world spun as a
maelstrom and dropped me in the my yard. "Mom?
Mommy?" And home I was.

Gila's 10 Q-tips

In life ,cooperation , balance and team work are essential . We are always part of a collective .
When we are strong we are strong together . When we are weak and fall we support and each other .

Lately, I've been thinking about how things are constructed. I'm working on a project outside of school that requires a lot of building -- something that does NOT come naturally to me. However, the more I do it, the more I understand how things can fit together to make a larger structure. I wanted to explore making a structure with the Q-tips and copious amount of glue. I had originally intended to create a frame that would corral the small scraps of paper that I keep on my desk to write down call numbers for students. However, I don't think the structure is rigid enough for that. Maybe next time I'll use Liquid Nails construction adhesive ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


As I started this assignment I became very excited as I thought I would create a tepee. I began to execute that idea and I quickly learned why I teach and do not have a career as an architect nor physicist. The q-tips were too light and as such could not stand, not even with a square or triangle base. I sat for a while and continued to play around an I found that I kept coming back to how I could use the q-tips in a lesson. Then I had my "aha moment" of using the q-tips as symbols or as tools for constructing an alphabet of some sort. Along with working at Davis I also teach at Hebrew school. I imagined how the whole Aleph-Bet could be created if you had enough. However, for this activity we only had the use of ten. Thus, I created what I believe is a very important symbol of the Jewish faith, the Magen David, and the Hebrew word for "Life". I noticed that in the directions there were no prohibitions put on altering the 10 q-tips. I decided to cut some of them so they could best represent the letter being depicted. Overall, this assignment reinforced for me that even with all the amazing technology we have at our disposal (I love technology, don't get me wrong.) sometimes the simplest materials lend themselves just as well to getting a point across.