Friday, May 1, 2015

Teaching Hebrew Preposition Through Hieroglyphics

Hebrew Preposition :

Each kid will get on page of hieroglyphics. They will have one minute to look at the hieroglyphics.

Then I will randomly ask what they saw.

I will teach the Hebrew words listed below.

1. Above

2. under /below

3. Between

After the directions are given, the students will be in pairs.

 Each Pair will get one set of hieroglyphics.


 Who am I?

I stand between A and B

Above me is C

Under me is D

Who am I?

A,B,C,& D will be the picture that they see (The Hieroglyphics)


They will play the game with their partner for 1- 2 minutes.  They will then rotate to another partner.

  The students need to be open to the idea that not everyone sees thing the same way.

Enjoy your Summer everyone!!!

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