Monday, April 27, 2015

As I was watching the video, the first thing I thought of was a creative way to teach colors to children, because they always seem to struggle remembering the names. Many colors in the Hebrew language have two distinct vowel noises in them, the Ah sound in the beginning followed by an O sound near the end, usually under the third letter. To symbolize this vowel pattern, I chose the symbol of an owl. Whenever this owl is seen, the letters that go with it will have an Ah sound followed by an O sound. What the owl symbolizes never changes; what does change are the symbols that accompany the owl. For example, the letter Alef is represented by a star, the letter Daled is represented by a shield, and final Mem is represented by a cobra. I gave the kids a list of what letter each symbol represents, and then gave them another page with rows of different symbols. Each row represented a different color, and it was up to the kids to figure out which letters were hidden behind each symbol. This activity not only forced me and my children to think outside the box, it also helped me realize how many different ways there are to teach many simple concepts. 

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