Monday, May 18, 2015


This has been one of the most useful and fun PD experiences I've had. I feel like I often "didn't get it," when it came to our assignments, but the exercises gave me permission to take the time to try different approaches and, frankly, be willing to fail -- then try something else. The freedom to spend the time to look for inspiration was liberating. Before this PD, I was usually looking for solutions that would work and would be the most economical in time and money. Now, I feel freer to explore new techniques and apps. I still have to remind myself to look for inspirations; Pinterest has become my first go-to source. (Shout out to Becca G. for the cute pins she has sent me; I know I'll make use of them somehow.) I'm glad I work in an environment that is willing to let me take the time to explore creativity. Maybe it helps that Stacy is doing the same PD.

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