Friday, May 15, 2015

Creativity with Hieroglyphics

My problem was with creating labels to seal the boxes containing our library volunteer appreciation gifts. I wanted something cute, but practical. Something that wouldn't require a lot of work with a glue stick to affix the label to the box.

That required me to use adhesive labels that I already had. I tried to work with my standard Avery labels, but felt constrained by the sizes. I actually fiddled around with this for a couple of days.

Then, I watched Missy's video -- again. Honestly, I just didn't get it the first time I watched. Missy actually had to explain it to me again in a phone conversation.

I followed the technique of reading the characters to myself. My mind did wander; I actually started thinking about the Ancient Egyptians. I thought about how complicated their hieroglyphic characters were, how they were willing to spend that time and use large spaces to communicate.

Then I thought big -- big label, that is.

Why not use the labels for the bookplates in library book donations? They are considerably larger, with an adhesive back.

I found a cute cartoon in Creative Commons, added a few lines of text and voila! Problem solved.

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