Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cotton swabs and storytelling...

If you have not yet contributed to our collaborative poem, please do.

Grow! For the sun caresses your sweet limbs and dew drops glisten atop your leaves.
Look! There are miracles all around you that you've never noticed before.
Prove! That you are willing to see the value in all that surrounds you.
Remain! Remain strong and move forward despite any obstacles.
Sound! it is beginning to sound like fun.
Stay! You make this world a better place.
Feel! Because every day brings new experience into your live.

Hopefully you received Rebecca's email. Here is the link to the Folded Story:
Click on Join Group, and then type in 971297

When you have a few minutes (stop laughing) this is a TED talk about a creative artist. How he uses materials is unbelievable. It is a little spark to get you thinking about the cotton swabs.

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  1. That was so much fun to watch, Missy! If you all want to expedite the video, start around 6 minutes in. The art he creates using everyday materials (cotton, string, sugar...) is astounding and truly worth watching!


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