Saturday, August 30, 2014

Poem is progressing beautifully!

I'm just reposting the collaborative poem as it stands now. Thank you, Rebecca for explaining how to add your voice! I am in awe of the twists and turns the meaning is taking, and hope you all are beginning to see how powerful collaboration can be, not only for a specific project, but as a spark for your own thinking.

Grow! For the sun caresses your sweet limbs and dew drops glisten atop your leaves.
Look! There are miracles all around you that you've never noticed before.
Prove! That you are willing to see the value in all that surrounds you.
Sound! it is beginning to sound like fun.
Stay! You make this world a better place.

I also read with great interest the article Rebecca posted. You can bet we will be trying something similar in the months ahead. I think particularly about how open children are to imagination. The mother/artist drew realistic images that would make a picture book boring. The child's drawings immediately set my brain on a course of storytelling. What about you? Did any of you begin telling stories in your heads after seeing the images? Share them with us, if you did!

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