Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Q-Tip in Hebrew Class
when I read  assignment #2 I started to make Hebrew letters and words, I use those kind of activities a lot with my Mechina and Kindergarten classes, we use pipe cleaners, "wikki stix", playdo, Popsicle sticks etc... but until yesterday I didn't try the Q tips, and today I decided to add one more station in my class and have the students create something with 10 Q-tips , it was very fun and I saw a lots of great ideas for example- house, birthday clown, zigzag, kite, Hebrew names / letters, tower and many more, attached is a few fun examples-

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  1. I am thrilled that you jumped right in with your students on this one! I love how they are all different, and never would have thought to use Hebrew letters (KEREN!!!) Kol hakavod!


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