Monday, September 15, 2014

Q-Tip Cellphone Holder

I decided to take a practical approach and wanted to build something that I might actually want to use (and enjoy).  Therefore, I built a cellphone holder to rest on top of my desk at work.  I've had it in use all of 50 minutes now and it works like a champ.  Here's my phone resting on my new cellphone holder:

I was reminded of the marshmallow challenge, which probably inspired my creation.  I wanted to create something that was 3-D, as opposed to flat.  Using scotch tape, which holds Q-tips surprising well, I anchored the Q-tips to card stock and voila, I had a sturdy cellphone holder.  I could have gotten away with not using all ten but because the task required all ten, I chose to add extra reinforcement along the back and a cushion for the bottom of the cellphone to rest on.  The funny thing is that I will definitely keep and continue to use my cellphone holder.  It may not be the prettiest design but it works extremely well.  I'm very pleased with my creation.


  1. THIS is the definition of a "make." You are most definitely creative, and don't you let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You have designed a prototype for a product that is useful and effective. Excellent.

  2. Creative AND functional! Great job!


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