Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Folded Story

Here is the compilation of the collaborative story. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you all for adding your part. Enjoy!

The breeze was gentle as I swayed in the hammock. I closed my eyes
to escape, just for a moment, from the housework awaiting me.
Suddenly, the hammock shook violently; a hole opened up in the earth
nearby. Screaming like a banshee, I fell in, tumbling into nothingness for
what seemed an eternity! There I saw a very huge bright light that
covers all the cosmos and I start to imagine ......... What if I go into the
hole? I ventured in and found myself miraculously in the year...
2099. It was almost unrecognizable. I couldn't believe it. There was
no more... traffic. OMG! There were no more cars. There were no
more roads. I wondered how ... I would ever get back home. Would I
even see another human being? So much for being an optimist.

Right now all I could think about was the thought of never seeing my
family again. What was the last thing I had said to them? That they
are the most important part in my whole life and even when we are
far away from each other they are always in my heart and in my
thoughts and I love them to the moon and back... I thought the best
moments of my life were with them, but today, I don't know, I cannot
think, I cannot feel...I am so confused and have to make a decision.

"Have no fear, everything will be okay," she said to me. How can she
be so sure. I am feeling more emotions at one time than I ever knew
I could. They feel as though they may come out of every pore.
Perhaps twas the emotion that drew me back to my own time - the
tug of my children's heartstrings. I turned to go; my world spun as a
maelstrom and dropped me in the my yard. "Mom?
Mommy?" And home I was.

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  1. Wow! Great story, and created by so many different brains! I love that none of us would have come up with this exact story on our own.


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