Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lately, I've been thinking about how things are constructed. I'm working on a project outside of school that requires a lot of building -- something that does NOT come naturally to me. However, the more I do it, the more I understand how things can fit together to make a larger structure. I wanted to explore making a structure with the Q-tips and copious amount of glue. I had originally intended to create a frame that would corral the small scraps of paper that I keep on my desk to write down call numbers for students. However, I don't think the structure is rigid enough for that. Maybe next time I'll use Liquid Nails construction adhesive ...

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  1. Ahhhh, Lisa you have hit upon the whole purpose for creativity and collaboration. Experimentation is what gets us closer to what it is we are trying to construct. Experiments aren't just for the science lab. In fact, all abstract art is experimentation. "IT'S ABOUT THE PROCESS!" That's my mantra in art. Some artists focus on being able to construct realistic painted imagery. I prefer the wonderfulness that happens when we let the process guide us. Your experiences with building outside of school can't be contained in that setting. Our knowledge crosses locations and situations, which is precisely why cross-curricular integration in the classroom is so valuable. Thank you for taking a risk in an area that is not necessarily easy for you.


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