Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cleaning the filter...

It was so much fun for us to read the collaborative story and see the many different uses for the cotton swabs. That's exactly what's supposed to happen! We have two assignments for this next month. As always, don't hesitate to ask Missy or Rebecca if you have questions, and always feel free to comment on one another's posts.

Just as your air conditioner must have a clean filter for the air to circulate, you must learn to "clean" or remove the filters in your brain to see the details of what surrounds you. Once you see these details, you will begin to make more connections between them.

1) Choose a color. For an entire day, make note of every place you see that color. You will need to keep a method of recording this information with you the entire day. It might be an index card, a small notebook, your phone, or your iPad. The important thing about this exercise is to record EVERY instance you see the color. Size does not matter. Please don't try to write it all down later as you will not remember everything.

Please post a list of all the places you noticed this color. Then, comment on how this exercise changed for you from the beginning (morning) to the end (bedtime).

2) Please choose ten small items that you do NOT NEED BACK in a plastic bag with your name on it by Monday. Deliver your bag to either Rebecca or Missy. We'll tell you what happens next once we have the bags. Yes, you get to choose what to put in the bag. Nothing perishable, please.

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